Mar 06

BMW 3 Series 330Ci 2001 Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

BMW 3 Series 330Ci 2001 Fuse Box / Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

Fuse No.AmpsLoad Unit
15ARear, Parking and Side Light-Left
25ARear, Parking and Side Light-Right, License Plate Lights, Instrument Lighting, Rear Fog Warning Light, Fog Lamp Relay
38ALow Beam Headlight-Left
48ALow Beam Headlight-Right
55ATurn Indicator Flasher-Left
65ATurn Indicator Flasher-Right
716ACigar Lighter
88AClock, Interior Light, Hazard Warning Flasher, Trailling Turn Indicators
916AHeater blower
1016AHeated Rear Window
118AFuel Pump, Automatic Choke, Fuel Gauge, Coolant Thermometer, Oil Pressure Telltale, Revolution Counter, Handbrake Telltale, Cold Start and Fuel Level telltale
1216AStop Lights, Turn Indicator Lights, Horn Relay, Wiper Motor, Washer, Reversing Lights

BMW 3 Series 330Ci 2001 Fuse Panel / Board – Fuse Symbol Map