May 30

Chevrolet Cabina 2002 Main Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

Chevrolet Cabina 2002 Main Fuse Box / Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

No FuseFuse/Circuit BreakerRatingDescription
1--Not Used
2CIGAR LTR15ACigar Lighter and Data Link Connector (DLC)
3CRUISE10ABody Control Module (BCM),Cruise Control Module(CCM), Multifunction Switch(Cruise Control Switch), and Seat Lumbar Switch-Driver/Front Passenger
4GAUGES10ABody Control Module (BCM), and Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)
5PARK LP10ABody Control Module (BCM), Outside Rear View Mirror Switch, Door Lock and Side Window Switch- Driver/Front Passenger, Side Window Lockout Swwitch, and Rear Seat Audio Control (Envoy Only), IP Ashtray Lamp (Except Envoy)
6STR WHL ILLUM2ARedundant Steering Wheel Controls (Utility Only)
7HDLP SW10AHeadlamp Switch

Chevrolet Cabina 2002 Main Fuse Panel / Board – Fuse Symbol Map