Oct 10

Mitsubishi Canter 2005 Junction Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

Mitsubishi Canter 2005 Junction Fuse Box / Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

No.Rating Capacity(A)Housing ColorPower Supply CircuitLoad Circuit
120AYellowIgnition SwitchACCIntermittent Wiper Relay, Windshield Washer Motor and Wiper Motor
210ARedIG1A/T Indicator Light, Back-Up Light, Input Shaft Speed Sensor, Output Shaft Speed sensor, SRS-ECU and Transaxle Control Module
320AYellowBattery (Fusible Link No.1,2) / Generator (Fusible LinkNo.1)ETACS-ECU
410ARedIgnition SwitchIG1Auto-Cruise Control Main Switch, Buzzer ECU, Combination Meter, ETACS-ECU and Vehicle Speed Sensor
5--Battery (Fusible Link No.1,2) / Generator (Fusible LinkNo.1)-
610ARedIgnition SwitchIG 2A / C Switch, ABS-ECU, ABS Valve Relay,Automatic Compressor-ECU, Blower Relay, Defogger Relay, Defogger Switch and Power Window Relay
715ABlueACCCigarette Lighter and Remote Controlled Mirror
910ARedIG 1Turn Signal and Hazzard Warning Flasher Unit
1025ATransparentBattery (Fusible Link No.1,2) / Generator (Fusible LinkNo.1)Blower Motor
1125ATransparentDefogger and Defogger Switch

Mitsubishi Canter 2005 Junction Fuse Panel  / Board – Fuse Symbol Map