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Apr 11

Volvo ZL402C 2001 Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

SymbolFuse MapAmps1Relay, el Heated Rear Window/ Door Mirrors25A2Central Locking, Anti-Theft Alarm20A3Brake Lights, Light Switch15A4Ignition Switch10A5Spare-6Windshield Wash/Wipe, Headlight Wash/ Wipe, Horn Relay25A7Climate Unit20A8Power Seat, Power Door Mirrors, Tailgate Wash/ Wipe 5-Door, Rheostat, Ambient Temperature Sensor15A9Radio (Remote Control Module, Central Lock/ Anti-Theft Alarm)15A10Beam With Control, Cigar Lighter (Mobile telephone)15A11Central Locking Relay/Interior Lighting Delay Mode Selector, AW30-40/435A12ABS5A13Clock, Courtesy …

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Apr 04

Volvo C30 2006 Compartment Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

  FusesUsageAmpere1(Radiator Fan50A2Power Steering80A3Feed to Passenger Compartment Fuse Box60A4Feed to Passenger Compartment Fuse Box60A5Element, Climate Unit80A6Glow Plugs (4-cyl Diesel60A7ABS Pump30A8ABS Valve20A9Engine Functions30A10Ventilation Fan40A11Headlight Washers20A12Feed to Heated Rear Window30A13Starter motor Relay30A14Trailer Connector (Accessory)40A15Not In Use-16Feed to Audio System30A17Windshield Wipers30A18Feed to Passenger Compartment Fuse Box40A19Not In Use-20Horn15A21Fuel-Driven Additional Heater, Passenger Compartment Heater20A22Not In Use-23Engine/Transmission Control Module10A24Heated Fuel …

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Apr 04

Volvo 960 2001 Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

LocationComponentsAmperage1Engine Control Module, Automatic Transmission Control Module5A2A/C Relay5A3Relay, Air Pump, Heated Oxygen Sensor15A4Fuel Pump15A5Fuel Injection, Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor, Idlle Air Control System, Engine Control Module15A6Automatic Transmission Control Module15A7Ignition Coil25A8Foglights25A9Spare-10Positioning/Parking Lights, Left15A11Positioning/Parking Lights, Right15A12Left High Beam15A13Right High Beam, Instrument Panel15A14Left Low Beam15A15Right Low Beam15A16A/C Compressor15A17Horn15A18Accessories (See Resprective Accesories Instructions)15A Volvo 960 2001 Fuse Panel …

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Mar 27

Volvo 850 1996 Engine Electrical Circuit Wiring Diagram

SymbolDescriptionAIgnition SwitchBThermostat SwitchCGround ConnectionDRelayECompressor SolenoidFPressure SensorGSolenoid ValveHFuse BoxJMicroswitch114Electric Cooling Fan Relay206Fan Switch214LH-Jetronic 2.4 Control UnitFuse No.12Reversing (Back-Up) Light Volvo 850 1996 Engine Electrical Circuit Symbol Map

Mar 26

Volvo L110E 2005 Main Fuse Box Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

  SymbolDescriptions1.Fuel System Main Relay2.Starter Motor Relay3.A/C Relay Volvo L110E 2005 Main Fuse Box Fuse Panel/Board – Fuse Symbol Map

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