Jun 05

Volvo L150C 1996 Side Dash Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

Volvo L150C 1996 Side Dash Fuse Box / Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

SymbolFuse MapAmps
1Relay, el Heated Rear Window / Door Mirrors25A
2Central Locking, Anti-Theft Alarm20A
3Brake Lights, Light Switch15A
4Ignition Switch10A
6Windshield Wash/Wipe, Headlight Wash/Wipe, Horn Relay25A
7Climate Unit20A
8Power Seat, Power Door Mirrors, Tailgate Wash / Wipe 5-Door, Rheostat, Ambient Temperature Sensor15A
9Radio (Remote Control Module, Central Lock/Anti-Theft Alarm)15A
10Beam With Control, Cigar Lighter (Mobile telephone)15A
11Central Locking Relay/Interior Lighting Delay Mode Selector, AW30-40/435A
13Clock, Courtesy and Glove Compartment Lighting (Remote Control Module, Central Lock/Anti-theft Alarm), Door Warning Lights, Electronic Start Inhibitor (Immobilizer), Trunk Lighting, Vanity Mirror Lighting10A
14Anti-Theft Alarm, Data Link Connector DLC5A
15Power Antenna, High Beam Flash, Indicator Lamp, Trailer20A
16(Parking Heater)(Mobile Telephone)20A
17Turn Signal Indicator-Hazard Flashers, Anti-Theft Alarm20A
18Radio, Compact Disc Changer15A
19Backup (Reversing) Lights, Turn Indicator, Cruise Control15A
20Light Switch15A
21Seat Belt Reminder, P-Shift Lock, Heated Rear Window and Door Mirrors, Rear Bulb Failure Warning Sensor Conn. 8 and Trailer +151 Supply (Not USA/CDN), Temperature Sensor (Japan)5A
22Heated Driver Seat +15115A
23Heated Passenger Seat +15115A
24Switch, Rear Fog Light5A
Auto Fuses
CB1Power Seat30A
CB2Power Windows, Power Sunroof30A

Volvo L150C 1996 Side Dash Fuse Panel / Board – Fuse Symbol Map