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May 31

Porsche 911 Turbo 2014 Engine Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

  FuseDescriptionAmps1Dip Beam and Dim Dip20A2Sidelights and Rear Fog Light15A3Engine Fan 130A4–5–6Horn10A7Master Ignition20A8Main Beam20A9–10Starter Solenoid30A11–12–13Heated Rear Screen25A14–15Engine Fan 230A16Hazard Lights10A17–18Door Lock ECU & Drivers Window20A19–20Boot Light, Courtesy Light & Cigarette Lighter15A21Passenger Lock & Boot Lock10A22–23Drivers Lock & Passenger Window20A24Gauges, Mirrors, Radio & Dim Dip10A25Indicators, Reserve & Brake Lights15A26–27–28Heating & Ventilation System25A29–30Ignition Coils20A31Wiping & Steering Wheel …

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